Jenny Fletcher...too fast for the timing chips

Jenny Fletcher, one of the most promising age group athletes in the country, finally raced her first full Triathlon this year. Earlier this year she raced the South Beach Tri with celebrities in a relay. Due to the rough water the swim at St. Anthony got cancelled.
See her report below how she put 12 minutes between her and the second placed athlete in her age group and took 2nd place overall. Or was it 3rd?
Too fast to be timed….

Wildflower 2009, Monterey, CA
“I did it!!! I've finally raced my first race!! Swim, Bike, and Run!!! Woooohoooo!
I'm thrilled to say I had a personal best in the swim and was so glad to finally test out to see where I am at! This was another race to feel the body and continue to fine tune my race skill and performance level!

I LOVED that my coach Ian was there! His presence was so helpful, motivating, and sooo appreciated! Having Ian there before the race was so calming for me and helped me focus and then during the race he couldn't have said anything more perfect, he did help inspire me on the bike and dig deeper in the run and feel like I was flying!!!
This is a great challenging race!!! To go from a flat and fast bike last weekend to a race where there are major climbs and wind and many people to maneuver around and through.... I think I spent more energy yelling "On your left" during the bike than actually biking! There were cyclists all over the road! At one point I was flying down the road and two trucks were in our lane so I hopped over the double yellow line and felt like I was back in NY maneuvering between taxis and oncoming traffic!
I'm so excited that I felt great off the bike... And the first half of the 10k felt awesome! I was relaxed and in a perfect zone.... That's HUGE for me!!! The later half was all about digging deep, passing as many people as I could, and running hard to the finish making every second count!
The final results are not for sure...
I know for sure that I won my Age Group by over 12minutes!!! (favorite part of the race is to get off the bike and have an empty bike rack of bikes that's a good sign) I definitely podiumed OVERALL but we are not sure if it is second or third because there was a major mix-up in the timing and scoring! Since we didn't have awards because of the mix-up I jumped right up on the podium for my own individual overall age group win just for the fun of it... Soon I hope to be standing in that exact spot for Top Overall Female!
Thank you ALL for your continued support and belief in me!! I'm thrilled to be on this journey... I have no doubt the PRO card is on it's way with you supporting me!!!”

South Beach Tri 2009, Miami, FL
“The Nautica South Beach Tri was a great success and such a fun race to be part of! It was a great first race of the season!
The night before the race as I was about to get all my gear ready for the morning, I received a call from Erik from K Swiss asking if I'd consider taking part in the K Swiss Dream Team Relay as one of the athletes had to cancel last minute, and they were in a jam. I think it took me about a second in my mind to think it through to say "YES"!!! Anything to help out my sponsor especially when this race was just a feeler anyway to see where I was at. Not to mention St. Anthonys is right around the corner and I will use that as my first race of the season. My "A" races aren't until late in the season so I figured this was the perfect race to partake in the bike portion of the relay and give back to K Swiss!
I have to admit I was excited that I was doing the bike portion as I just received my first ever race wheels from American Classic and was excited to feel them out on the course! They are amazing!!! While I was out there and the camera crew was filming me out there on the bike... I felt like I was exactly where I was meant to be!
The Dream Team was Leanda Cave (Pro Triathlete) doing the swim, ME doing the bike, and Anna Kournikova (Tennis Star) doing the run. What a fun team. I was able to run the run portion with Anna and she beat her last years time, and to end a great morning...we won! It was fun to stand up on the podium with the other girls... I would definitely do it again!

Check out Anna’s blog about the race:
Looking forward to my next race and once again thank you for your support!!!
Jenny Fletcher

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  1. Congratulations!!! Great showing!! I am sure you will have a great following!