New Movescount Features!

The Movescount Development Team has announced their latest upgrades and newest features to the Suunto powered Sports Community Website.

We’re happy to introduce the training program planner, the long-awaited revolutionary tool for every sportsperson! It’s a tool for creating training programs for the coming weeks while sharing them with other keen sportspeople.

Whether you’re training for a marathon run or to lose those extra five pounds, the training programs will help you to train more effectively and reach your targets. After planning your training, you can see your weekly totals, intensity distribution along with the plan itself.

The coolest thing about the training program planner is that you can now share your training programs with other Movescount members. It works just like routes: when you create a training program, you can choose to make it public so that all Movescount members can see it and start using it. As more and more people share their training programs, we’ll soon have a pool of hundreds, even thousands of training programs to choose from. The training programs can be rated and discussed, ultimately making it easier to find the training program that suits you best.

Other new features

Improved user search – Summary of heart rate zones – Editing several Moves at once – Follow us on Twitter!

Searching for members

You can now search for members by their username. When you are in the map view and type in a search term, all the members with that name in that area (for example in Finland or in Europe) are shown on the map. If you select the list view, you will get the global results.

New summary views for heart rate zones

The summary now shows a new value, the time spent in heart rate zones. For example, you can select all your cycling Moves or all the Moves from the past week, and see how much time you have spent on each heart rate zone. This helps you to understand how much time you have spent on various effort levels – and adjust your training accordingly.

Possibility to edit several Moves at the time

Now you can modify several Moves at the same time. This is particularly handy when you upload data (i.e. several Moves) from your device to Movescount. You can now easily add routes, tags, activity, vibes and notes to all of them at once. You can find this on the summary page when pressing Edit.

We hope you enjoy the benefits of these new features and keep movin’!

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