Movescount.com Features Update

Award-winning Movescount.com, powered by Suunto, is the first and only sporting social network that allows you to track your workouts and interact with other athletes. We are dedicated to making the site better and better every day and we think the following updates will make the site better than ever.

Greatest Moves
If you're an active sports person, you may have noticed that your coolest Moves may not be visible in your public profile for quite as long as you'd like. Not anymore! Now you can select up to five Moves per year that you can highlight in your profile. It can be a marathon run or a nice hike up in the mountains with a lot of photos, whatever you choose! You are able to name each great Move, which are then shown with their notes, shouts and thumbs in your public profile.

Easy Move adding
You can now add Moves more quickly directly on your scoreboard. This is a small change but should make a big difference!

Tag cloud
As you already know, you can add tags to your Moves. Now you can search for Moves based on these tags. This way, you can easily find all the Moves you have done in your favorite climbing place, with your best friend or with specific gear. The options are limitless!

Embed top 10 group members
Want to promote your team in your blog or website? Now you can use the '10 most active members current month' element on another website. It's just as simple as adding a Youtube video on another website. You could add the ten most active members list to your blog, fitness club homepage or team's own website. We will add similar functionality for individual members during the next month so soon you'll be able to promote your idol or, even better, yourself!

Front page
The front page has been updated as well. Now, as you are enter the site, you will see the most liked members, moves, routes and groups. Here you are able to click any of these and get a better idea of what is happening in your area.

Other improvements
The .kml route uploads have been made more robust and Moveslink has been enhanced to handle exceptional cases better. The training programs are now also visible in the calendar, so you are able quickly see what was planned for each day.

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