SNEWS Loves the Suunto M5 Fitness Watch

While most of our top athletes wear the Suunto t6d because of its abilities to monitor EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption) and training effect, we've got something for athletes of all levels. The new Suunto M5 is designed for active users who are looking to achieve a specific fitness goal.

We got a great review of the M5 Fitness watch from SNEWS. Read about some of the standout features they had to say about our new fitness watch.

Heart-rate monitors can be intimidating with all kinds of buttons and selections that might turn off the user just in a quest for basic fitness. And some heart-rate monitors are loaded with features that many people just don’t need.

This “fitness watch” is just what it says. It’s simple in its operation, and the screen literally holds your hand through the process of pushing buttons to keep you on track. Plus it’s all about fitness – fitness of any level.

We used this watch for a few months – it arrived at stores in August – and found it pleasant in many ways. Once you input your fitness level, age, gender, experience, and the like in a user profile, it chooses workouts for you, based on whether you chose fitness or weight-loss as a goal. And, each time you use the monitor, it tells you what your workout is going to be. For example, 30 minutes hard, or 50 minutes easy – and then it doesn’t take its eye off you (so to speak). Lag a little on the intensity and a little beep chirps with an arrow reminding you to step it up; push a little too hard and a beep chirps to tell you to back off.

Then, once you are done, you can scroll through a series of summary screens telling you what you did, what percent of the target workout you finished, how long you exercised, how many calories you burned, and your average and peak heart rates. It also tells you how many hours you’ll need to recover. Heck, you can even look at charts and graphs of what you’ve done and size up overall percentages of your completion of target workouts.

And, for the women, it looks nice and sleek on the wrist. No big clunky sushi dish here.

You can also do a fitness test (walk one mile as fast as you can), which you can then re-do to track your progress. Then, data from the tests are logged for you to review in one neat package on your arm. Oh, and the test and the workouts are based on recommendations from the well-reputed American College of Sports Medicine

For the fitness user or gym-goer who wants some personal coaching, this could be the watch for her. You get your own trainer on your arm, harassing and needling you nicely to get out there.

If you’ve opted for the upgrade to the new MovesCount.com website, you can also download and share with others in a community of like-minded souls. You can also use the Suunto POD for tracking speed and distance.

All in all, the basic watch/heart-rate monitor could be a nice coach for those in search of a little guidance.

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