Top Trail Running Athletes form group on Movescount.com

Need some motivation for training this spring? If you haven’t already, join Suunto’s Movescount website where you can make your move, track your progress and share it online.

We're excited to welcome Team Salomon USA to Movescount. These athletes do a mind-blowing amount of training and it’s inspirational to see the miles they put in. The key trail-running influencers currently in this group at Movescount are Adam Chase (adamchase), Richard Bolt (richardbolt), Anita Ortiz (aortiz), David Wakefield (davidultra49), Matt Ward (mattward), and Aliza Lapierre (alapierre).

If you really want to be impressed, follow any of these stellar runners. You'll get a view of their training and competition moves, and you'll have the opportunity to learn from them as they push each other.
If you would like to be part of a fun and active trail running group, this one is very popular and a great gathering place for runners to like to take it off-road. Trail Running Group on Movescount

Join Movecount, get out on the trail and enjoy!

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