Extreme in 3D

Alexander and Thomas Huber, better known collectively as the Huber Brothers or Huberbuam, are recognized as two of the world’s best extreme mountaineers.

Check out their new 3D film that documents their ascent up the “Karma route” of Loferer Alm near Berchtesgaden in Germany, which at grade 11 is one of the most challenging climbs in the Alps. This gripping film captures the brothers’ efforts in one of their final ascents as extreme climbers. Both in their 40s, the duo describe it as “their final statement.”

“This route stands as a mark of our teamwork as brothers,” says Thomas, “for all the conflicts that have been and that we have solved.”

In the 2007 film "On the Limit," these two Suunto ambassadors attempted a speed climbing record on El Capitan’s Zodiac face. Although they initially failed to set a record during that particular ascent, they returned later in the year and achieved their goal. And of course they used Suunto every inch of the way.

You can catch the entire film - “Extremkletterer auf ihrer Schicksalsroute”- on Youtube. So grab your 3D glasses and your German dictionary (ja, ist auf Deutsch, but you don't need to speak German to love this amazing film). Prepare for some extreme!

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