Suunto at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2012

Summer is officially underway and we’re spending every waking moment we can find hiking, running, biking, climbing, fishing, running and enjoying every ray of sunshine Mother Nature has to offer. Despite our attempts to spend all of our time exploring the outdoors, we've also been working hard in prep for our biggest summer trade show, Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2012.

Outdoor Retailer is a trade show in Salt Lake City sponsored by the Outdoor Industry Association. We prepare all year for summer and winter OR so we can show up among hundreds of other exhibitors throughout the country, put our best foot forward and stand out among the masses.

This year at Suunto’s OR booth we’re celebrating our new booth location and hosting a party on the first night--“The Trail Hour” with special guest Aron Ralston. We’ll be giving away tons of swag and Keller Williams Tickets!

Come check us out at OR for your chance to win! Please post any comments or questions you have below and be sure to share this invite with your friends.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you at OR. - editor at Outdoors NW magazine