Gear Junkie team wins Checkpoint Tracker Championship Race

Stephen Regenold and Team Gear Junkie won the Checkpoint Tracker Championship Race after 29 hours and 110 miles of distance tackled in the wilderness. The team traveled and fought for their title on foot, bike, boat and riverboard in the New River Gorge of West Virginia.


This annual event attracts the top endurance racers from across the US to team up and tackle the elements for the championship title. This year’s course included whitewater rafting, trail running, mountain biking, orienteering and riverboarding.


Check out Stephen Regenold below sporting a Suunto in his victory photo.

Justin Bakken, Thomas Puzak, Kelly Brinkman, Stephen Regenold

Hats off to the GearJunkie/WEDALI team for an amazing performance and a great win. 

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