The Ambit2 S captured on film

Just before the Suunto Ambit2 S came out, the Salomon/Suunto team had a blast testing out the new wrist computer in mid April at the USA Salomon Athlete Summit in Ogden, Utah, and, it’s safe to say the entire team is psyched about the latest on-the-market Suunto innovation.

Highlights for multi-sport athletes and adventurers: It transitions seamlessly from activity to activity (pool, to foot to bike) without having to reprogram anything, it’s lightweight (“It disappears after two miles,” said Cameron Clayton at the athlete summit in Ogden, Utah.) and, you can customize it specifically to your liking by plugging into the App Zone in Movescount.

Want to see the Ambit2 S in action and hear for yourself what the team has to say? Check out this just-released video:

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