Amazing Success Story

Jonathan Hinkle has gone through quite a transformation over the years. He's now completed his second triathlon after losing over 160 pounds. He has an amazing story...

My adventure to become a triathlete began after losing 160 pounds over the last 4 years. At 34 years old I weighed 355lbs. After losing 100 pounds I started to compete in cycling and running events as motivation to continue my weight loss. This led to an additional 60 pounds lost and my first triathlon. I'm now 38 and weigh 188 pounds.

With the help of Suunto, I was able to achieve my weight loss goals and a podium finish in my second 70.3 triathlon event. The t6c and Training Manager software helped me track my weight loss and training progress to reach my fitness goal. As a triathlete, the Comfort Belt, Bike POD and Foot POD enable me to manage the race by keeping my pace and beating the clock on my personal record.

I recently finished the Patriot half 70.3 in 4:52:40 resulting in a 2nd place age group finish and 15th overall.

Jonathan has now logged over 78 miles swimming, 2,700 miles biking and 830 miles running.

For more on his fitness goals and success, head to his blog http://www.jonathanfit.com/

We are all athletes.

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