Suunto Fitness Solution Kicks Some Serious Butt

The Suunto Fitness Solution has made waves in the traditional fitness clubs, and now with the rise in popularity of MMA, Cross-Fit and BLT gyms around the country, it’s no wonder the Suunto Fitness Solution would also follow suit.

Former MMA champion and top contender BJ Penn uses it in his gym in Hilo, Hawaii.

Penn says, “We are currently in training camp for the rematch with Frankie Edgar, which will be in Boston on August 28th. We’ve also been using the Team Pod every day! It’s a huge part of our training.”

It’s so important for top MMA athletes like BJ Penn to be exactly in tune with their training effect and performance, and the Suunto Fitness Solution is the perfect way to monitor that.

The Suunto Fitness Solution; not just for spin classes, folks.

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