Paddling the Pacific

Margo Pellegrino is an adventure paddler and Suunto user who is trying to bring attention to the importance of healthy oceans. And with the current Gulf disaster, her message is more important than ever. This month she’ll be embarking on an incredible journey from Seattle to San Diego via outrigger canoe, down the Pacific Coast. She will be wearing a Suunto Lumi outdoor watch. With its easy-to-use compass and weather functions like storm alarm and trend indicator, it’s a perfect partner for her journey.

Margo describes herself as a stay-at-home mom who doesn’t do a very good job at staying home. In each of the past three years, she has undertaken similar paddling voyages in her outrigger canoe, having journeyed nearly the entire eastern seaboard and Gulf coast west to New Orleans.

She states, “This coastal paddling journey is my way to call attention to the need for healthy oceans. An effective public education campaign is critical for advancing strong ocean policy. We need to ensure that healthy oceans policy is buoyed from what legislators hear form their constituents. As a project of the Blue Frontier Campaign, what I am planning to accomplish is speaking out for the oceans.

My brand of paddling advocacy started as a simple desire to bring attention to the critical problems facing our oceans. And while this journey is part of what I am physically capable of doing in order to help heal our ocean, it could never be categorized as a singular effort. From the very beginning, it has always been a group effort every step of the way and is equally symbolic of what is required to keep our ocean resources healthy.

While not every thing we do, every decision we make or action we take carries the weight of the world upon it, it does carry a lot more that most people think it does. Every one of us is also a living example for every one else around us – and none more so than the children around us.”

What a wonderful message and cause. You can follow Margo’s progress of her journey down the Pacific coast on her website. To find out more about the Blue Frontier Campaign and their efforts to support a healthy ocean click here. Good luck Margo!

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