What Motivates Suunto Athletes to Stay Fit in Winter?

Training in the winter comes with its own special little challenges, like simply getting out of your warm cozy bed to face the bitter cold for your morning run. It’s not always fun to face the frigid air, but finding different ways to get and stay motivated are key in having a successful winter training season. We asked Suunto athlete Kim Havell what motivates her to stay fit in the winter. Kim writes:
For me, fitness is about getting strong enough to do all the activities that you want to do with the highest level of performance. In the winter that means cross training by lifting weights, running, indoor biking, yoga and other activities in order to have the most fun and related return when alpine skiing, ski touring, ice climbing, and mountaineering.

Kim even offers up some great tips for triggering and keeping that drive:
1. Set goals- what do you want to accomplish this season, what makes you happy—DREAM BIG!
2. Make a list of ideal training exercises/routines/sports and find classes, time slots, or equipment that gets you going
3. Make it happen- put yourself, your health, your fitness first—your time for you makes you better at everything else. Happy New Year!
Kim has plenty of reason to stay motivated--she's got a lot on her plate this winter! And while she's traveling the world skiing and mountaineering for the world's top adventure brands, she's also got her heart and head in the right place. She's currently advocating this sweet calendar raising money for suicide prevention and mental health programs. Help Kim bring awareness to this important issue.

Kim trains with a Suunto t6d and keeps up with travel fitness by following a workout schedule on her Suunto M5, part of the new Suunto M-Series. You can see Kim's training and fitness moves by clicking here www.movescount.com/members/kimhavell.

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