Keep Motivated with Rebecca Rusch

What keeps you motivated to stay fit during the winter months? We asked Suunto athlete and two time Leadville 100 record holder Rebecca Rusch what keeps her going.

I spend much of my training time in the winter skate skiing and backcountry skiing. Skate skiing is the best workout in the world and is a really good supplement for cycling training. I do all the same interval and intensity workouts on Nordic skis as I do on a bike. I use the backcountry ski days to put in my slow, distance workouts. Those days I end up hiking uphill for hours and get rewarded with powder on the way down.

Where I live, it's impossible to ride a bike outside in the winter and I just don't get super-stoked to spend hours on the trainer inside. So, I spend a couple hours a week on the bike trainer inside just to keep up my muscle memory for cycling and to work on cycling specific pedal stroke drills. I also get to catch up on movies and TV watching while on the bike.

The other training components I add during the winter are strength training, yoga and a little bit of swimming to make sure I stay healthy and balanced after a season hunched over the bike.

All the cross-training is great for my body and mind. Come Spring, I can't wait to get on my bike.

Thanks Rebecca for your insight on staying pumped in the off season. You can follow Rebecca on Movescount.com and see exactly what keeps her moving.

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