Suunto User Jennifer Pharr Davis Takes on Overall Speed Record on Appalachian Trail

Suunto user Jennifer Pharr Davis, the owner of Asheville, North Carolina-based guiding, coaching and public speaking company Blue Ridge Hiking Co. and author of Becoming Odyssa: Epic Adventures on the Appalachian Trail, is gearing up for a record-breaking challenge on the AT.

In 2008 she harnessed the women's speed record 57 days, 8 hours and 35 minutes for the 2,181 mile Appalachian Trail. This summer, Jennifer hopes to surpass overall record as well, by completing the trail in 47 days, 13 hours and 31 minutes. Jennifer will have to average 47 miles a day. She has hiked more than 9,000 miles of long distance trails. She has trekked on six continents and currently holds endurance records on the Appalachian Trail, the Long Trail and the Bibbulmun Track.

In an interview with National Parks Traveler, Jennifer said: "... I believe that by pushing our limits we are able to refine ourselves and learn about ourselves in a positive manner, despite the outcome. We can never accomplish anything excellent or new unless we are willing to try new things and test our boundaries."

Good luck, Jennifer, and happy trails!

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