Looking Good in Black - The Elementum Terra All Black

In 2010 the Elementum watch collection, including the mountaineering specific Elementum Terra won both the prestigious red dot and iF design awards. The new watch has been living up to the awards by receiving some great reviews. With its altimeter, barometer and compass, it’s no surprise that the stylish Terra All Black is turning the heads of both outdoor mountaineering enthusiast and the Suunto fan who will wear the Terra to the office or on a weekend expedition.

These reviewers loved the look and functionality of the Suunto Elementum Terra All Black.

The all-black casing and negative display make for a stealthy look, and it retains all the sweet functions of the other, less handsome designs. Read More…

Aside from the stealthy look, the Terra packs in an altimeter, barometer and an electronic compass – plus a function that calculates your rate of ascent and descent (in case you are actually using it for climbing. Read More…

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