Leadville Trail Qualifiers Announced

The six qualifying events for the 2012 Leadville Trail mountain bike race have been announced. Last year was the first time the race was built on a qualifier system, rather than the previous lottery system, and this year will require racers once again to prove their mettle to get into the elite event.

We're hoping to see Suunto superstar Rebecca Rusch in the scrum, defending her women's champion title at the tough, high-altitude race, which happens August 11th in Colorado.

Cycling News has a great story about the qualifying events, including the list of locations. Read it here.

And if you want to relive Rebecca's awesome domination of the race in 2011 - including setting a new course record - here's Cycling News' coverage of that too! Of course, you'll also want to check out Reba's recap of the day, as well.

Hooray for The Queen of Pain!

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