Suunto Core Featured in Backcountry Skiing Canada

Backcountry Skiing Canada has done a great and thorough review of the Suunto Core's 75th Anniversary Edition.

The 75th anniversary last spring commemorated the Tuomas Vohlonen invention in 1936 which led to liquid filled compasses and became the basis for the technical watches of today.
The folks at BSC really give the Core the full treatment, and it is a very informative and helpful review of all the features, from design to technical features.

Comments from the review:
"No mater how good the features are, if the design is not striking, people will just not pay attention. Lucky for the Suunto Core it is not only functional but also simple in design and striking in appearance. The Suunto Core 75th Anniversary edition is sleek and elegant thanks to the beautiful anodized green bezel design, but these are mere cosmetics, the real design appeal comes in the industrial design - that is to say the form of the Suunto Core."

Read the full review here.

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