The Suunto M Series

Suunto provides a wide range of products to accommodate every kind of user. From the trail blazer to the casual hiker, Suunto has a product for every occasion.

The Suunto M series is a collection of four watches perfect for anyone trying to wedge fitness into their crazy, hectic lives.

The Suunto M Series provides users with advice each morning for the day's workout and keeps you going with encouraging messages to help continue your active lifestyle and meet your fitness goals.Complete with a heart rate monitor, the M Series adapts to your workout program if you accidentally miss a workout session.

The M Series is available in the M1, M2, M4 and M5, all providing different functions and features so you can get the perfect watch to match your fitness goals. Check out the full collection at http://www.suunto.com/us/en/collections/suunto-m-series.

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