Cycling the Pacific Ring of Fire expedition: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Adventurers and Suunto Ambassadors Janick Lemieux and Pierre Bouchard completed their cyclovolcanic quest, achieving another mega-MTB trek that led them this time towards the peoples and volcanoes of the Pacific Ring of Fire.
« By returning from Hawaii and landing in Vancouver, starting and finish line of this rather unusual circumnavigation of the Pacific ocean, we put an end to a true pedaled odyssey. We're still having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that we finally patrolled on our bikes the Pacific Ring of Fire, where 75% of our planet's active volcanoes hiss, puff and explode, so overwhelming the scale of the whole undertaking really is. Now that it's over, we know that we dedicated a full decade to this project, spending 6 years in the saddle, riding some 60,000 kilometers...it's been quite an adventure and a pretty thick slice of life! »
We travel with Suunto X9i and t6 Wristops, the latter used in conjunction with Bike Pod, that give us accurate and reliable data about our rides and treks under the most daunting conditions…one knows how exposed to the elements nomads on wheels can be! Allowing us to save this data, pedalled or climbed topography and distances, and create detailed graphic files, make it possible to share invaluable info about these sorties in remote parts of our world…
While climbing up to the summit craters of Mt Canlaon, one of the Philippines most active volcanoes, our young local guides were ready to call for an emergency bivouac over a pretty uncomfortable slope amidst prime cloud forest, not too sure how far up we were as we've been progressing through the thickest of fogs for hours. Having monitored our ascent with both our www.suunto.com/X10 and t6 www.suunto.com/t6c from the trailhead and knowing at which altitude culminates Canlaon's crater rim, where base camp lies, we could assure our guides that the flat and grassy platform they were deeming of was only a mere 15 minutes away or some 75 meters higher up…the Wristops were not lying and we enjoyed our pastas under a starry sky as clouds dissolved and made way for a very glorious morning!

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