How Andy can lose one minute up the sand ladder...

... and still manages to win the Escape from Alcatraz.

unknown athlete fighting up the Sand Ladder

Es reported earlier Jenny Fletcher won the Age Group, the Non-Pro race and finished top 9 in the Pros - as an Amateur. But more impressively, she ran up the tough Sand Ladder one minute faster than three times winner Andy Potts.

Here's some insight from both Suunto athletes.

"I think there definitely has to be an error in the sand ladder results... Andy could have crawled up it, stopped in the middle to get his picture taken, maybe even sign a couple autographs and still beat me up.... So I'd like to think I was fast and stealthy up it.... But I'm thinking that he ran over the timing mat so fast they didn't get his accurate time ;)!
Next year Andy I'll have a contest with you to see if you can take your sand ladder title back ;)!!!"

But only Andy can tell us the real reason :
"The sand ladder is tough - I took my time going up."

Boring(?) - but somehow it feels great that the Sand Ladder is tough for World Champs, too, doesn’t it?

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