Rev3 Triathlon recap

Yes, Matty Reed did it again. It seems Suunto Ambassador Boom Boom is unstoppable in 2009. We are very proud to see Matty train and race in Suunto. See you at Alcatraz and for ITU in D.C.!
But this time we want to focus on another team of great Suunto Ambassadors. US Pro Tri, lead by Ryan Bates, is also training and racing in Suunto. and yes, they are very successfull, too. Check out their website
As emntioned, no-one can beat Matty this year so they're focusing on a top result. And it worked well.

Mike Caiazzo finished 9th, just missing the big prize purse. We agree that you deserve a prize money when finishing 9th!!!

Mike on the run

Ryan came in 11th and John Kenny finished 12th!

Ryan finishing 11th!

Congratulations to all of your from all here at Suunto USA. See you at Eagleman!

Our last comment: Always a good move to choose a race without Matty in case you want to win.

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