California Waters + Kayak = Adventure

We can't get enough of the stories Suunto athlete Ross Herr brings back from his kayaking adventures. We especially love all of the pictures he and his fellow kayakers take along the way, and once again he's shared with us some pretty sweet shots!

Ross checked in with us from sunny California, where he's been paddling some fantastic water. This trip is part of his nationwide campaign to raise $50,000 for First Descents, an organization that puts on adventure programs for young adults who are fighting cancer. To reach his goal, Ross will spend six months kayaking a combined 50,000 vertical feet.

Below is a shot from Ross' trip down the Fantasy Falls on the Mokelumne River, which he deemed, "An epic adventure with all the essentials of a California Classic."

On his blog, Ross had this to say about Fantasy Falls: "We had a map of the area and my Suunto watch with altimeter to track how far we had made it ... One of the craziest parts about Fantasy is how much the river fluctuates throughout the day. We placed a stick in the beach first where the water was when we arrived, then again at the high point from the night. When we woke the level was over a foot lower."
Before Fantasy Falls Ross paddled Dinky Creek, which is "known for having some ultra clean drops, beautiful surroundings and as much challenge as you wanna bite off."

Check out Ross' blog for more about his team's California adventures, including the rescue of a fellow kayaker!
Looks like an awesome trip, Ross -- we can't wait to hear more!

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