Reba vs. Leadville Trail 100 ... Round 3

"I was blown away ... by the magnitude of the race and the spirit of cycling and endurance racing..."
--Rebecca Rusch

That's what Suunto athlete Rebecca Rusch had to say about the Leadville Trail 100 2010, not long after she pedaled it home for the win. And that was the second time. For the past two years, the "Queen of Pain" has won the infamous Leadville Trail 100. In 2010 she crossed the finish line as both a victor and the women's course record holder, with a time of 7:47:35...and on August 13, 2011 she'll be back to do it again.

At 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, Rebecca will join her fellow Leadville competitors on a starting line that sits at 10,152 feet. From there she will cover some of the toughest trails the Colorado Rockies have to offer, conquering country that is unforgiving as well as figuratively (and literally!) breathtaking.

It's Reba vs. the Leadville Trail 100 ... and it's going to be one incredible race.

In addition to the Leadville 100, August also means it's time for another great Ask Reba giveaway -- and you'd better start brainstorming, because this month's prize is definitely worth a good question.

This month Rebecca will be giving away a Suunto T6d (with Movescount), which she has deemed her "single most beloved piece of gear."

The T6d is an in-depth, easy-to-use training tool that will help you push your workouts and races to the next level. To enter the giveway, just visit Rebecca Rusch's website and ask away ... may the best question win!

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