Stoup and Havell See the Sights in Spitsbergen

Spitsbergen is the name of a breathtaking Norwegian island along the Arctic Ocean. Boasting fjords, mountains and glaciers, Spitsbergen is home to reindeer, polar bears and a host of marine mammals.

Just ask polar explorer and expedition leader Doug Stoup. Expedition leader and founder of Ice Axe Expeditions, Stoup takes Suunto products along for all of his journeys, which include dozens of trips to both the North and South poles.

Most recently, Stoup and his team explored the wild and snowy sights of Spitsbergen. Coincidentally, Suunto athlete Kim Havell was also on this epic trip--see her smiling face hiking to a top of a ridge at about 36 seconds into the video.
Check out the video:

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