Apa Sherpa Takes Flood Warning Across Nepal

Suunto Ambassador Apa Sherpa has been listed by Guinness World Records for 21 Everest summits. Such accolades are not what drives Apa. For many years he has worked to raise awareness about issues that affect his homeland. Recently he has been speaking out about the flood risks in the Himalayan mountains as a result of changing temperatures.

Here is an Associated Press story from Newsday about Apa's efforts:

Before Apa became a guide in 1985, his village was devastated by a flash flood from a mountain lake that burst its banks. He is now trying to help his countrymen prepare for such a possibility again, and to warn the world that changing environments are making the danger greater than ever. From the Associated Press:

The 51-year-old Apa, who like most Sherpas uses only one name, is trekking the length of Nepal to warn villagers to prepare themselves for change. A third of the way along his 120-day journey, he has already seen many lakes that look ready to spill.

"If it happens again, many villages would be washed away and lives lost," he said during a break in his trek in Tatopani, a resort village near the Tibet border.

Apa's 21 ascents of the world's highest mountain have given him a unique up-close view of conditions in the Himalayas. Read the full story here.

Thanks Apa Sherpa for going where few have gone, and for carrying your message across the world.

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