Kilian Jornet hits the PierraMenta

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The Pierra Menta is one of the toughest and most important races of the winter season, and where the best skiers of the moment meet up. It is a team race which is run in four stages from March 15-18th in the French town of ArĂȘches-Beaufort.

Suunto Athlete, Kilian Jornet and his close friend March Pinsach teamed up to cover a total of more than 10,000 meters of ascent during the four days of competition.
After a very good start to the season and a few days before the start of PierraMenta, Jornet told us that: “The start of the season was perfect. The results couldn’t have been better and I have felt really good in all the races. In the last two weeks I have been training to get ready for the second part of the season, in which races are longer and more technical. Good weather conditions have enabled me to do sound mountain training, on technical routes in Mont Blanc, Aguille Verte, the Tacul, Tour Ronde and Buet. Last week I trained really hard a total of 30h and 20.000m. Now it’s time for me to rest and arrive feeling fresh on Thursday. Besides this, last week Marc Pinsach came to my house in Chamonix so that we could prepare the race together, especially the technical stretches and the descents.”

Kilian himself says how delighted he is to race alongside his great friend Marc Pinsach: “After winning the race 3 times (together with Florent Troillet and Didier Blanc) it is a great pleasure to run with a close friend this year. It’s a boost to my motivation. The goal is not to win the race, since there are some very strong teams, but to try and finish as far ahead as possible. Marc will be a great champion in forthcoming years and it is always highly motivating to give a hand to those who are coming up behind you. Florent Troillet did the same for me four years ago”.
All the race details are here: www.pierramenta.com

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