Another Record Falls at the Suunto Dive-Off!

Hello from the Bahamas! The Vertical Blue Suunto Dive-Off is about to wrap. This is the last day of competition in Dean's Hole in the Bahamas. Soon, the 2010 All Around Free Dive Champion will be crowned!
The best free-divers in the world are competing in four different disciplines in the deepest blue hole in the world at 203 meters (660 feet). The week has proven exciting with two world records being broken by New Zealander William Trubridge--he broke his own record yesterday by three meters--and Austrian Herbert Nitsch.
The divers must retrieve a Velcro tag from a metal plate which is lowered by a rope to the announced depth. Divers are not allowed to use propulsion equipment such as fins, but can use the rope to help pull themselves down.

Check out this video to get the scoop on the past week's events in the Bahamas where a total of three world records have been announced. http://tinyurl.com/33pfk9l

Yesterday Trubridge made seven breaststrokes to descend to 24 meters. At that depth his lungs are compressed to the point that his body is heavier than water and enters the freefall phase of the dive, sinking all the way to 95 meters.

He turned at 1min 53sec after retrieving the Velcro tag, requiring a further 2min 3sec and 30 breaststrokes to return to the surface where he was cheered on by a group of athletes, close friends and local spectators. The record is Trubridge's eighth in CNF and 11th in total.
The dive also puts Trubridge at the top of the list for the overall Suunto Dive-Off competition to determine the best all-around freediver. Divers acquire points depending on the ratio of their best performance compared to the best dive in the event. The athlete with the most points at the end of the competition is crowned champion.
"This was a great dive for me, especially since it puts me in the lead in the Suunto Dive-Off," said Trubridge.

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