Jenny Fletcher Runs for Water

Suunto athlete Jenny Fletcher took last weekend to give back and join in a global event, the Dow Live Earth Run for Water in Los Angeles.

The Dow Live Earth Run for Water is a series of 6 km run/walks (the average distance many people walk to secure healthy drinking water) that take place in more than 200 cities from all over the world. The event features concerts and water education activities aimed at raising awareness about the global water crisis. Celebrities, athletes and musicians also join in the cause. The Dow Live Earth Run for Water is just one event leading up to the celebrity packed Live Earth concert airing in three days.

Jenny recently wrote a blog post about her experience and here is an excerpt:

I have to admit I had full intentions of just walking the 6km walk/run... and then Pete Wentz shows up and says to me he's running.... I was like "whaaaat thought we were just walking?!!"... yes I am aware that 6km is something I do everyday but when you show up at the start thinking walk that's what ya do... So I started out for a half mile walking... watching everyone jog by and then thought... aghhh I'll just do an easy jog... can you see the competitiveness in me coming out already... next thing you know I am running and soon enough I am at race pace... feeling the wind in my hair and loving it!

Thanks Jenny! For more information about this cause or how you can get involved check out their website at: www. http://liveearth.org/en/home. Check out the rest of Jenny's blog about the weekend here.

Next up, Jenny heads to Florida again for the St. Anthony's Triathlon. Good luck!

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