Apa Sherpa Update

Update from Everest! Apa Sherpa is in the midst of attempting his 20th Everest summit. He is in the final stages of setting a world record 20th summit of Mt. Everest. Apa is updating Marshall Thompson hourly about the team's progress and updates are available on Twitter, Facebook and Apa's blog.

Here is the latest from Thompson who sits and waits for updates from Apa:

Barricaded in the communications tent- May 21st, 2010

Dawa Steven, the expedition leader, Chunu, the Nepali government liaison officer, and I are now barricaded in the communications tent. We brought in a small gas heater and have zipped up the doors and tried to plug all the cracks. It’s starting to get a bit warmer. Outside there are heavy clouds over Mount Everest right now. It’s beautiful by moonlight. Birbal, the cook, has been burning incense at the puja altar and the prayer flags above are illuminated by the flickering yellow light. As the team leaves from Camp 4, we’re a bit worried down here about the snowfall at higher altitudes. The team delayed their departure by about 45 minutes because of the snow, but they say now that it’s not that bad. It’s going to be a long night.

Good luck team! Looking forward to the updates!

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