Inspired Athlete Continues to Succeed with Suunto

We love success stories--especially coming from dedicated Suunto users like Jonathan Hinkle. Jonathan has been on the fast-track to fitness success. Jonathan started three-and-a-half years ago by taking a serious look at himself and knowing that he needed to drop weight to become healthy. Changing his diet, Jonathan lost 50 pounds in the first year. Then, in year two he took up biking and lost another 50 pounds totaling 100 pounds. Then in year three, Jonathan amped up his exercise regime and started training more intensely. He began to race in triathlons. He has reached his target weight goal of 200 pounds and is a strong competitor in a variety of venues across the country.

He most recently finished the American Odyssey 200 Mile Relay and the Charleston 70.3 Half Triathlon (with a 2nd place finish). He is also part of "Team Nameless & Shameless," set to compete in the Ragnar Relays in Washington D.C. and Miami.

Here is an excerpt from Jonathan's blog about using a Suunto t6c triathlon pack:

"I used the Suunto t6c, as always, to stay on pace. I soon as the wheels are moving the Bike Pod picks up and once the feet are running the Foot Pod picks up. When chasing PR’s I can not tell you how important it is to have one device to track your swim, bike & run. I still had a personal best with a 4:44:20 finish."

Keep up the motivating work Jonathan, and keep us posted on your race results!

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