Jenny Fletcher Escaped from Alcatraz

Another example of how it was a big weekend for Suunto athletes! Jenny Fletcher rocked it in her third triathlon as a Suunto Pro. She tells us Escape from Alcatraz is her favorite race and she did a great job finishing 6th.

Check out what Jenny had to say on her blog:

From Jenny Fletcher: Escape From Alcatraz is truly a race that challenges every level of athlete. There is no grace in this race. From beginning to end it tests every aspect of mind, body, and soul. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing that finish line hearing them call out your name and know that I truly did feel that I escaped from Alcatraz.

I am once again so thrilled with my race. It's my 3rd PRO race of the season in the US and I have had nothing but joy and a feeling of achievement as I crossed the finish line in 6th place with a sense of knowing that I raced my heart out and put it all out there. Knowing the training I have put in has made me so ready for each and every challenge I face during a race! I once again have to say I love my job. I am living my dream... and the best is I still feel like I am only at the beginning!

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