Ragnar Relay in New York

The winning team of New York's "My Story" contest is the "Albany Running Mamas." The Mamas each received a Suunto t3d watch for their winning entry in Ragnar's "My Story" contest. Suunto is the official timing sponsor of all Ragnar Relay races this year and awards Suunto t3d watches to story winners at each relay stop.

The Albany Running Mamas is led by Kelly Mateja and Jes Marcy who gathered a group of mothers looking to escape the daily grind of everyday responsibility and pay homage to the famed King Ragnar for whom the race series is named.

Legendary Norse King Ragnar was fearless, rugged and wild and hit the open sea with free-spirited curiosity and the will to conquer. That spirit is embraced by the Albany Running Mamas who balance kids, careers, husbands, civic obligations and workouts.

"Running gives us a space in our lives; a selfishly wonderful time where we're not 'on call' and can focus on own goals, listen to how our bodies are feeling and where we have time to talk to our girlfriends, or just be blissfully silent in our own heads, " says Kelly Mateja. "We are tough. We are fearless. And even in our sports bras and running skirts, we absolutely embody the spirit of King Ragnar."

Way to, Mamas! You're an inspiration, and we're cheering for you.

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