It's three wins in three XTERRA triathlons! Conrad "The Caveman" Stoltz is on a vicious winning streak and secured a win last weekend at the XTERRA Southeast Championships. Winning his 3rd XTERRA Championship this year makes Stoltz undefeated this season. The weekend proved to be very hot with a technical bike course. He used his 29'er bike with wider tires to handle the bumpy, fast, rooty ride.

From Stoltz's blog: "On a bumpy course like this the bigger tires ride better. They have a bigger contact patch with the ground that gives you better traction. You don’t have to brake as much so you can keep your momentum rolling. It’s like an extra suspension, and because it’s so smooth you don’t get as tired.”

Stoltz commanded the entire race finishing 2 1/2 minutes faster than the second place finisher.

An excerpt from Competitor Magazine detailing the hot conditions:
It was the hottest weekend of the year here in the South with temps in the mid-90’s and humidity that made it feel even hotter.It was so warm that Stoltz, who won his third straight on the 2010 XTERRA America Tour and fourth in a row here in Shelby County, put ice cubes under his swim cap before the race got started.

Congratulations Caveman! We look forward to your next XTERRA Atlantic Cup 0n June 20th in Richmond, VA.

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