Kilian's Run Across the Pyrenees

Our friends over at Salomon Running are busy these days. One of Salomon's extreme trail runners, Kilian Jornet is currently running across the Pyrenees! Last year, Kilian was crowned the World Mountain Running Champion and double winner of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc in addition to crushing a "regular" competition season.
Kilian is currently crossing the Pyrenees from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. In total that is 700 km (435 miles) and close to 40000m (131000) in just seven days. That breaks down to a daily average of 100K!

The journey began on May 31st and is set to finish on June 6th. Kilian and his support team are doing very well, but have found some unexpected snow in the high country, causing them to alter the route and take different trails. Kilian and the Salomon support crew have added an additional day to the plan due to snow. Here's the most incredible part--this entire feat is just a Kilian's training regimen for the U.S. Western States Endurance Run--only two weeks after his quest across the Pyrenees.

Kilian has met hundreds of supporters along the way from Spain and France. Kilian is set to break the current World Record of 12 days for running across the Pyrenees. Breaking the record isn't the top priority for him, though. He says he is just glad to be home in his childhood mountains and experiencing the run at all levels.

He will likely wrap up his run on June 7th. You can read about each day the Salomon Running Facebook page, follow on Twitter (@salomon_running), Kilian's blog, and Salomon Running website.

Oh, and did we mention that Kilian wears a Suunto t6c?

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