Triathalons 101 With Jenny Fletcher

It's not always how you place, but rather what you're taught during a race. That's according to pro triathlete and Suunto athlete Jenny Fletcher who recently competed at the Coteau-du-Lac ITU Triathlon.

From Jenny's Blog:
As the old saying goes, "For every two steps forward there's always one back," sums up my second attempt at the ITU (International Triathlete Union) circuit. I've made a lot of progress in my training, however that doesn't always immediately translate onto the race course. At first it can be discouraging but I know this journey is a building process. I haven't met a single pro triathlete that says their first year was a breeze, especially in the ITU circuit. Most of them said they've either got lapped out or DQ'd at some point. I breathe a sigh of relief, not because it makes me really feel any better but because I know deep down I am doing all the right stuff in training and it WILL all come together!

Read all about diving into a boiling cauldron of flailing limbs and the rest of Jenny's tri adventure from last weekend by clicking here.

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