Suunto Launches New Fitness Watch

Big week for Suunto! We globally launched a NEW fitness watch for those looking to get fit, lose weight or receive personal training. The much-anticipated Suunto Moves-Series comes with a dual heart rate monitor to provide guidance, monitor activity, inspire, motivate and turn measured data into personal recommendations and training plans. The M-Series works as a personalized training tool to guide you every step of the way making workouts fun, easy and motivational. The M-Series answers questions about how hard to train, how long and when--a perfect complement to Suunto's new fitness social media site, Movescount.com. This site is a social gathering place for users to share information and connect globally with like-minded fitness enthusiasts.

"We’re pleased to offer a range of stylish training watches designed specifically for those looking for guidance,”
says Matt Kaplan, Vice President and Business Director of Suunto North America. “The M-series is a truly personalized system to help our users meet their workout goals.”

The Suunto M5 provides the most complete multi-sport fitness and recovery partner. The M5 shows when the user has fully recovered from the previous workout and can safely complete the next high-impact workout. The M5 comes equipped with a Suunto Dual Comfort Belt, is compatible with Suunto Fitness Solution, track speed and distance with optional PODS, upload exercise data onto Movescount.com and can download custom workouts from Movescount.com.

The Suunto M4 guides the user through a seven-day training program with unique goal-setting ability and feedback. Taking the user’s iindividual goals into consideration, the M4 training program is designed to improve aerobic condition. The M4 comes with a Suunto Dual Comfort Belt, is compatible with Suunto Fitness Solution and exercise date can upload into Movescount.com.

The Suunto M2 provides essential features for customized guidance. Users are able to get real-time feedback on their progress. The M2 ensures that the user is working out in the ideal zone for burning calories. The M2 comes with Suunto Dual Comfort Belt and is compatible with Suunto Fitness Solution.

Exciting stuff--check it out!

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